About E.C.


I’m Jordan Harris. I’m a counselor and therapist who is dedicated to reconciliation. Whether that’s reconciliation of families, couples, or groups I work towards helping all involved find new ways to communicate and understand each other. A wise man once said that we can not fix problems with the same thinking that created it, and I agree. Problems of reconciliation require more than talking and thinking in the same old ways. When we’ve been thinking in the same old circles what is needed is a new experience or encounter that changes us.

I offer services in three areas

  • Speaking, seminars and in-service trainings for therapist, pastors/preachers, teachers, mentors, and others in the helping professions. Topics center around dealing with difficult co-workers, compassion fatigue, and burnout.
  • Consulting¬†for groups and organizations with special focus on reconciliation, program development, sustainable workplaces, and self care.
  • Therapy for families, couples, and adults focusing on issues such as trauma, anxiety, depression, sex, and pre/martial issues.

Fees for speaking and consulting.

For speaking, seminars, and consulting there is a $120 per hour fee.

Fees for therapy. 

For therapy, while the market value is $120, I ask that you, out of your integrity and honesty, pay what you can and I will accept it. Assistance with insurance reimbursement is also available upon request.